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We are Wargaming

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our flagship products include the massively popular free-to-play hit World of Tanks and the strategic naval action game World of Warships.
operating since
200 MM
offices around the world
gaming products at different stages of development

What we do in Prague

Wargaming is a team of enthusiastic and passionate developers, creatives, artists, marketers, tech gurus, and engineers from around the globe. We love having fun at our jobs and creating great games just as much as we enjoy playing them. At Wargaming Prague, we strive to deliver the best possible games to players while pushing video game industry standards to the next level. 
World of Tanks
World of Warships

Our office

Wargaming Prague is located in Karlin. With its excellent access to cultural events, cool restaurants, sports facilities, and public transport, Karlin is the ideal location for current and future Wargamers.
The first team-based, MMO action game dedicated to armored warfare of the mid-20th century.
Windows Mac
160 MM
A free, historical, online combat PC game where players become commanders of iconic war vessels from naval history’s Golden Age.
44 MM
Wage war in the premier free-to-play team-based action game dedicated to armored combat on game consoles.
XBOX ONE, Xbox Series X PS4, PS5
20 MM
A global free-to-play navy-themed MMO action game for consoles.
XBOX ONE, Xbox Series X PS4, PS5
6 MM
A cross-platform, team-based, free-to-play MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat.
iOS macOS Android Windows 10 Steam Nintendo Switch
170+ MM
A free mobile MMO action game that plunges players into intense naval combat.
20+ MM
A massively multiplayer online game dedicated to the Golden Age of Aviation.
The legendary spacefaring 4X strategy game reimagined.
GOG Steam
World of Tanks

Art Team

The world seen in the World of Tanks, the varied environments, stunning visual effects, realistic architecture and, what’s most important - tanks, is carefully designed, drawn and put together by the talented Art Team. It is the result of not only the team’s imagination and hard work, but also careful research done by our history consultants. Our team wants the players to feel totally immersed, so we pay attention to every tiny detail.

I simply expect perfection.

Damian Zielinski
Damian Zielinski
Art Director
World of Tanks

Development Team

The World of Tanks Development Team is full of industry professionals working on upcoming features for the groundbreaking MMO game World of Tanks. We work in full-fledged feature teams consisting of all disciplines needed to deliver feature from idea to production. This helped us to transfer ownership and freedom of creativity into the teams. All members are not only experts in their fields, but also individuals who are passionate about gaming and working in a challenging, exciting, and constantly evolving environment.

I always wanted to make games, but I thought the salary wouldn't support me or I would have to work until I burned out. I'm happy I was wrong...

Tomas Reichmann
Tomas Reichmann
Senior UI Game Programmer
World of Tanks

Marketing Team

The World of Tanks Marketing Team is working on acquiring new players as well as convincing former players to return to the game. To achieve this we determine audience segmentation, conduct research, define brand positioning, and execute marketing campaigns supported by effective media targeting.

Whether you’re a game industry veteran or just getting started, it’s your passion for excellence and perfection that matters the most.

World of Tanks

Publishing Team

The World of Tanks Publishing Team drives sales and active player numbers by connecting with our audience both directly and indirectly across a number of channels. The team stretches across many disciplines, such as product and community management, content, video and streaming, social media, business development, and military relations. We strive to engage with our players wherever they are to provide them with the best experience possible both inside and outside of the game.

Wargaming offers a creative and stable career where I can put my passion for gaming to work in an inclusive and multicultural team.

Marie Potuznikova
Marie Potuznikova
Video Content Manager
World of Tanks

Quality Assurance Team

By testing the art, gameplay, automation, performance, and compatibility, the Quality Assurance department guarantees that WG games are of excellent quality. We work directly on the maps and features developed at the Prague studio, in addition support other WG studios on their various projects. Members of the team work closely with different disciplines like Game Design, UX and Engineering. The QA team impacts every stage of development and ensures that the quality meets the high standards of players. Our passion and contribution to the many parts of WoT means that there's never a dull day at WG Prague QA.

I love working on a project that everyone is passionate about. The culture of our team makes every day enjoyable.

Darek Vodrazka
Darek Vodrazka
QA Team Lead
World of Warships

Business Development Team

The World of Warships Business Development Team is responsible for building fruitful relationships with strategic partners and driving exciting brand collaborations.

We build bridges and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Marko Valentić
Marko Valentić
Business Development Director
World of Warships

Global Public Relations Team

The World of Warships Global Public Relations Team is an integral part of Product Marketing that focuses on driving a global media relations strategy, as well as implementing creative and effective publicity campaigns.

Every day is an exciting day when you’re given the opportunity to work on great projects for legendary games!

Arnaud Drocourt
Arnaud Drocourt
Public Relations Manager
World of Warships

Marketing Team (EU)

The World of Warships Marketing Team works on acquiring new players as well as getting former players to return to the game. To achieve this, we determine audience segmentation, conduct research, define brand positioning, and execute marketing campaigns supported by effective media targeting.

We are a young and diverse team of marketers that share a passion for our craft and for our game.

Georghios Strouthos
Georghios Strouthos
Regional Product Marketing Lead EU
World of Warships

Publishing Team

The World of Warships Publishing Team works to expand the services and channels used by Game Development to interact with players, both directly and indirectly. We oversee community management, marketing and PR, customer relationship management, customer support, online content, video and streaming, and social media. The team strives to connect with existing and potential players on all possible channels and platforms.

Our team is made up of a wide mix of personalities that are diverse in character, culture, and strengths who all share one passion: our game and its success.

Christian Bergmann
Christian Bergmann
Regional Publishing Director
Nonproduct Teams

DataWARS Team

The Prague DataWARS team works with big data and provides insights that help Wargaming make critical, data-driven strategic and operational decisions. The team includes big data developers, business intelligence developers, quality assurance engineers, and business analysts. We all strive to ensure the prompt delivery of reliable data and BI solutions needed for making pivotal decisions.

I'm thrilled to work with the latest cutting edge technologies side by side with true specialists who are eager to create powerful and reliable products.

Darya Zborovskaya
Darya Zborovskaya
Big Data Engineer
Nonproduct Teams

Data Science Team

The Data Science team's mission is to deliver unbiased analyses and machine learning models that support better decisions and a better future. We develop various tools and methodologies to identify areas for gains and to automate existing manual processes within the company.

We're the first to find new insights, we always learn and build models that conquer the world and help our players to get the most of our games. That's cool!

Konstantin Lyubonevich
Konstantin Lyubonevich
Senior Data Engineer
Nonproduct Teams

Global Legal Team

The Legal Team is primarily focused on protecting the company’s intellectual property and making sure that our games fully comply with regulations. Our expertise includes a vast range of areas, such as advertising, monetization mechanics, user claims, outsourcing development, and much more. We monitor changes in the game industry market on a regular basis so that we can address product needs in a timely manner.

We greatly appreciate our trusted and fruitful cooperation with other teams. We believe this contributes massively to business prosperity and players’ happiness.

Nonproduct Teams

Human Resources Team

The Prague HR team is working on the smooth implementation and management of processes that support the employee life cycle at the office. Our team maintains a holistic approach, covering areas from recruiting and onboarding new talent to supporting a healthy and productive environment that attracts, retains, supports, engages, and develops employees. We also handle issues related to payroll, taxes, migration and relocation to Prague, and much more.

Working at Wargaming Prague gave me the opportunity to meet many talented and empowered professionals who inspired me to unlock my potential.

Renata Touskova
Renata Touskova
Senior HR Ops Manager
Nonproduct Teams

Localization and LQA Team

The Prague Localization and LQA team is dedicated to making sure that millions of players around the globe can enjoy Wargaming titles, no matter what language they speak. Our international team of specialists localize in nine European languages, focusing not only on the linguistic aspects of translating our legendary games, but also synchronizing visual and audible elements of each language to ensure all content is in harmony with the culture of our players. From comprehensive in-game testing, to getting the grammar, punctuation, style, and consistency just right, we have only one thing in mind – to make our players happy.

Whether you’re a game industry veteran or just getting started, it’s your passion for excellence and perfection that matters the most.


If you’re a talented, open-minded, creative thinker who is ready to drive innovation and help deliver legendary games, then you’ve come to the right place.
Interested in joining us, but don't have the experience?

At Wargaming Forge we are educating the next generation of game industry professionals.

Seniority Program

We are an international team of talented, hardworking, determined, and like-minded people. Over the past 20 years, we have achieved tremendous success while writing the Wargaming name into the history of video games. And that was just the beginning because new victories lie ahead for our company.

As part of Wargaming Seniority Awards, which was launched on September 25, 2019 for Wargaming Prague employees, each employee receives an eagle rank that is determined by their time at the company. For each new rank achieved, the employee receives a special present from Wargaming.


Wargaming cares about its employees, which is why each person receives a wide range of benefits:

  • Annual leave
  • Personal days
  • MultiSport card with company contribution
  • Meal card
  • Public transportation card
  • Premium healthcare

Relocation program

Prague is a great place to live and work. With hidden gardens, Christmas markets, and beautiful locales, it’s no surprise that this historical city is one of Europe’s 10 most-visited and the second-best for expats.

The company will help you at every step of the process.

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Seniority Program
Relocation program


In the section below, we'll try to answer some of the questions you might have regarding common topics. If you have any more questions, you can always ask us at the interview.
General information
Wargaming is looking to hire and support talented and skilled professionals who wish to join the Wargaming family. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask at the interview.
How many people work at Wargaming Prague?
We have more than 200 enthusiasts at our studio.
Which language is spoken at the office?
English is the primary language.
Where is the office located?
Wargaming Prague is in Karlín, which is the perfect spot for current and future Wargamers thanks to its excellent proximity to events, restaurants, sports facilities, and public transport.
How can I apply for a vacancy?
Click the link and apply for the job you like!
How many vacancies can I apply for?
You can apply for as many vacancies as you wish.
Do I need to provide a cover letter?
Although a cover letter isn't mandatory, it does provide additional information about yourself. Generally speaking, the more information you give, the easier it is for us to make a decision.
What if I applied and was not selected for a job?
We'll store your CV in our system. If a relevant vacancy opens up, one of our recruiters might reach out to you. And even if you've submitted an application once before, you can still reapply for a position if you're interested in it.
I'm not a Czech citizen. Can I still work in the Czech Republic?
If you're a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you have the right to freely live and work in the Czech Republic. If you're not, then you'll need a work and residence permit. During the interview process, we'll confirm your situation so that if you join Wargaming Prague, our HR department will assist you through the immigration process.
How long is the probation period?
The probation period is typically three months, but it can be up to six months for managerial positions.
What is the onboarding process like?
After you accept your offer, the HR department will contact you with a detailed overview of required steps and employment documentation. If relevant, you'll also be contacted by immigration and relocation managers. On your first day of employment, you'll receive the necessary equipment, as well as an orientation session covering company policies, processes, tools, and benefits. Last but not least, before you start your journey, you'll be introduced to your team.
How are taxes paid in the Czech Republic?
Your tax payments, as well as social and health insurance contributions, are deducted from your salary and paid by the company on a monthly basis.
What is the amount of tax deducted?
The Czech Republic currently has a progressive tax system. Depending on one's gross income, the income tax rate is 15% or 23%. There are also mandatory deductions of 9% for social insurance and 4.5% for health insurance. This link will help you understand how to calculate net salary.
On which type of contract are candidates hired?
Candidates are primarily hired on a contract of employment.
What is the duration of the contract of employment?
We usually offer a permanent contract of employment.
Can I work as a freelancer?
We primarily offer contracts of employment.